Fertility Acupuncture

Creating life and family are desires fundamental to the human experience. When difficulty arises, it is important to get strategic support. Acupuncture has been used to address both male and female infertility for thousands of years. Giulietta puts this ancient medicine to work for you, to help you conceive naturally.

Why choose Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help you become pregnant?

integral-body-fertility-acupunctureIf you want to make and have healthy babies, the first place to start is with you. As future parents, you are the original source of vitality and life. When your bodies are healthy and your minds are at ease, there will be an abundance of wellness to put towards conception. That abundance will continue to nourish you and your baby through pregnancy, birth, and raising a beautiful child.

TCM offers physical, hormonal, nutritional, and emotional support to both partners seeking to maximize their fertility. It is the original mind-body medicine.

Giulietta has advanced training in fertility issues, including using acupuncture to increase the success rate of IVF. She has trained with Raven Lang, Bob Flaws, Miki Shima, Lifang Liang, ABORM, and others. She uses Western medical testing and Eastern Gynecological assessment to address the specific cause of your infertility and see results.

Giulietta will also coordinate care with your Western fertility team during IUI and IVF to increase your chance of success. She has had her own personal journey with fertility treatments, both TCM, and Western, and has gained insight and compassion from the experience.



Stage I: Setting the Course

All good medicine starts with the right diagnosis. During this phase, I review all your previous charts, assess hormone levels, your menstrual cycle, lifestyle, and nutrition, to create a diagnosis and define what support is needed. If you have had no previous assessments, I can recommend which tests, at which times will be the most helpful for you. I work with both partners in this discovery.

Stage II: Clearing the Road

Once we know what to do, then we will begin to make changes, add nutrients, clear toxicities, and balance your system. This may include a period of detox and mild dietary changes as well as massage, acupuncture, and herbs.

This phase is complete when we see measurable change and a clear reduction of symptoms to let us know we are moving forward and creating the internal health to support conception.

Stage III: Creating Abundance

Once you know you’re doing everything you can to support your fertility, the next phase is to relax, be grateful to your body, and go with the flow. After all your hard work, letting go of stress and worry is often the hardest part. The best preparation for being pregnant is to treat yourself as if you were pregnant right now. Allowing gentleness and ease to govern your actions, and making self-care a priority, will create the abundance you desire to conceive.

Many Paths, One Goal

Many couples seeking babies use TCM alone with great success. If your case requires additional Western treatment, TCM can help ease the stress that more invasive intervention may create. Giulietta has helped many couples become great families. Let Giulietta guide you and your partner, with skill, care and compassion. You will never regret getting strategic support in achieving such an important goal.

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