Mind-Body Acupuncture

istock_000016722542xsmallMental Emotional distress is almost ubiquitous in our modern times. We’ve come to accept being constantly bombarded by technology, yet strangely isolated from each other. Modern life changes the way our brains work. We rush, alone, through our lives and wear our good mood down. Nerves are soothed through touch, connection, quiet, nature, and its slower rhythms. One can easily become depleted, and before you know it, feel anxious or just not alive. Traditional Chinese Medicine helps to soothe the nervous system and refill your brain’s reservoir of happy chemicals. Through diet, supplements and acupuncture, we can bring your serotonin levels up, without the side effects of other medications. Even better, Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the whole person. We see your mental health and your physical health as two sides of the same coin. That means we treat your back pain, your anxiety, and your PMS simultaneously, in one treatment, to help all of you feel better. When you are suffering, it’s time to get help. We can help bring you back to your genuine self.


Giulietta has a particular focus on helping women find safe effective treatment for depression and other mood disorders during pregnancy. If this is your concern, please contact her for a consultation. She can work with your MD, or prescribing physician and coordinate care.

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