Nutritional Counseling

Why do we need help eating? It should be simple right? Eat what you crave, when you’re hungry, until your full. Done!

But what if you’re too busy too eat well? Or you have food allergies? Or when you eat you get so bloated you can’t tell when you’re full? What if your thyroid isn’t working and your just hungry and tired all the time? How would you know? What can you do? Ack! Nutrtional Couneling at Integral Body

imagesIt can seem so complicated, many people give up. But you don’t have to suffer or carry excess weight. Giulietta can help you get on track and find what really works for you. Through simple testing and evaluation, we’ll create a unique food program depending on your individual constitution and your desired goals.

Different programs include detox, weight loss, anti-aging, or fertility. All of our food programs include organic, whole-food based regimes, with an emphasis on easy, flexible, and doable eating for the busy adult and family.

Want to learn more? Come in for a nutritional consult today.


We host an organic produce CSA from Blue House Organic Farms, in Pescadero. Every Thursday they deliver a delicious assortment of local, organic fruits and vegetables to our location in Bernal Heights. Picking up your weekly food box is a great way to try new things and ensure you are getting enough fresh foods everyday. We’ll even include recipes to make your life easier.

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