Pediatric Acupuncture

4babyMy teacher once described children as living and breathing filters. As children are growing, they take in proportionally more air, water, and food (and environmental toxins) than adults. For this reason, they are more vulnerable to pollution and pesticides than grown-ups. That’s why it’s so important for developing bodies to eat simple, clean food, with balanced nutrients to¬†protect them from environmental harm.

As children internal systems change, they can easily come down with digestive, respiratory, and immune system complaints. Fortunately, kids respond readily to gentle, natural medicine, massage and a special kind of acupuncture, called Shonishin. Children’s treatments are play-based and relaxing for parent and child.

We also carry a complete line of herbal remedies just for kids.

The next time your little one has a cold, tummy ache or other complaints, think of Giulietta and Traditional Chinese Medicine first, to help them feel better.

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